Satya's blog - 2005/01/

Jan 30 2005 22:04 The Labyrinth Key
I'm reading Howard Hendrix's The Labyrinth Key, which is about all sorts of metaphysics and metaquantummechanics. And spy-ness.

Anyway, I found a couple of references which I just have to share with the zero people reading my blog: one is a reference to Tolkien's LOTR, when something is compared to writing on a magic ring becoming visible with fire (somewhere around page 273 in the paperback, when Don is being shown the steganographics in the Dosso Dossi painting). Another is when the TLA-agency chief tells her deputy to not leave the country, because he's "a captain, not a redshirt." -- Star Trek.

Other than that, the book is thematically similar to Dan Brown's The DaVinci Code, with more science-fiction elements. Makes you think, if you can understand what Hendrix is saying.
Jan 25 2005 10:22 Grumpy young man
That's me. I just got labelled grumpy for not having any interest in the Bangalore LJ community. I'm not from Bangalore, I've hardly ever been there, I don't actively know anyone there, I read a few of the recent posts and they hold no interest for me, so why should I care?

Yeah, I'm grumpy. Analogous to Amitabh Bachchan's angry young man (which I am, but I'm not a movie star), I'm now a grumpy young man. Yay!
Jan 24 2005 21:22 New router
The old DI604 died, nearly 2 years after I bought it. So after some advice from the usual suspects, I bought a WRT54GS from Linksys. Bling-bling wireless, 4 ports, etc. Now I just need to figure out how to get Linux on it.

(Bestbuy guy couldn't tell me what Speedbooster really is. Brian says it's some Linksys crappity-crap that gives you a speed boost if you use certain Linksys NICs -- and the box says you need Windows, too.)

Stupid IP address changed, though :-(
Jan 22 2005 19:10 Rowing and trains
Went rowing at Cypress Gardens. We suck.

Saw a CSX train on the way back. 3 locos, CSX-UP-CSX, didn't catch the numbers. Flat cars with trailers. (Saw another one, tanks and hoppers, on the way to Cypress.) This one appeared to have a grade crossing barrier stuck on the front, like it had been torn off a grade crossing somewhere. The barrier was dragging on the ground. Huh?
Jan 22 2005 18:26 F16

I like how that last picture turned out.

Update: Fixed the link after the site re-organisation.
Jan 18 2005 09:29 Stupid spam
Here's a stupid attempt at a virus:
Dear user,

Your e-mail account has been used to send a large amount of spam during this week.

Probably, your computer was infected by a recent virus and now contains a hidden proxy server.

We recommend that you follow instruction in the attached text file in order to keep your computer safe.

Best regards,
The team.
The "attached text file" was a virus, of course. The team? That's just me. Nyah nyah.
Jan 16 2005 09:00 Update: fixed
In Target's web site unusable in Firefox I said that the financial services section of was unusable in Firefox. Well, it seems to be fixed now. Yay.
Jan 16 2005 08:55 Update to previous
Ah, I just noticed that do have an email address listed on the page.

I should crawl back into bed.
Jan 16 2005 08:53 This is Broken web site is broken
There's a link on the right of saying Email your submission. This links to javascript code, which (eventually) pops up my email program. But I don't use that program to send email. I use something else on a different computer that you can't pop up with javascript even if I was browsing from that computer. A form submission would work much better.
Jan 16 2005 08:41 The Ladykillers
I just saw this black comedy, starring Tom Hanks in one of his better performances. I thought it would be a weird movie, but it was actually funny with some tragedy (hence "black comedy"). It's something like Snatch or Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels but with considerably lesser plot twists. Watch it. watch the other two first, they're better.
Jan 15 2005 10:32 Yay, RSS
While wandering around my web site, I found that Firefox doesn't notice my RSS feed link. Investigating, I found that this is required: <link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="RSS" href="url/to/index.rss"/> in the head section. So now Firefox (and probably others) recognize that this page is available as an RSS feed.
Jan 05 2005 23:14 Excessive packaging
Bought a large box of Chips Ahoy. Paperboard, can't recycle. The box contained 4 packets as expected. The usual foil paper, can't recycle. Each packet contains 2 rolls of cookies. Wrapped in plasticky paper, can't recycle. Ugh.
Jan 05 2005 17:33 WSJ on tsunami video blogging
Manish has a link to the WSJ's Video Blogs Break Out With Tsunami Scenes article, which talks about how bloggers and others hosted tsunami videos and almost wiped out their own sites in the resulting stampede for downloads. They don't know that attempts were made -- successfully -- to provide torrent feeds of some of the videos.

The article also mentions that "Bloggers don't charge for access, but they haven't been paying for copyrighted footage, either." Some Swedish people who shot and then released the Phuket video. A Norwegian newspaper (Dagbladet, accent marks extra) editor said he wasn't surprised that bloggers took the video without paying, and that he expects that to happen with the Internet. I think that's cool of him.
Jan 03 2005 09:03 Unusual donation strategy.
Re: the South Asian tsunami, Manish says: (begin Manish quote)

Anders Jacobsen is out testing the power of weblogs. If you link to his blog, along with a bunch of links to various aid organizations, he will donate $1 to the British Red Cross for every such act of linking.

So, here’s my $1 contribution! ;)
International aid organizations: UK/Europe: North America: Anders Jacobsen: Webloggers: Give to tsunami victims and I’ll give too!
(end Manish quote)