Satya's blog - 2007/01/

Jan 22 2007 20:42 Small cycle shop
Apparently small cycle shops in India now have web sites:

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Jan 15 2007 18:09 Baby food containers are nice
Baby food jars make great containers for small things. AA batteries, for example. I'm using the glass bottles from Gerber and Beech Nut.

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Jan 12 2007 14:42 Smoking map
My place of employment sent out, by mail, a letter talking about smoking areas that have been set up. They included a map. +1 for printing the map on the back, instead of a separate sheet, thus saving paper. -1 for sending it by mail and wasting paper.
Jan 06 2007 14:45 Bug in Net::SSLeay

Apparently there's a bug or misfeature in Net::SSLeay that causes this:

Error GETing (URL): Can't read entity body

when using WWW::Mechanize. On my box, this was fixed by installing Crypt::SSLeay.

I hope there are enough keywords here for googlers to find it.

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