Satya's blog - 2003/09/

Sep 29 2003 23:37 Weather tonight
53F, 10C. That's almost as bad as L.A. in November.

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Sep 29 2003 22:21 Kulin?
Saw someone who looked just like Kulin, only driving a blinging car (didn't notice the make, flashed by too fast). He seemed to be looking at me.

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Sep 29 2003 22:20 Funky weather
Yesterday was hot. Today is cool, very cool. Cool enough that I took a jacket when I went to see Matrix Reloaded at the Imax theater.

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Sep 27 2003 13:26 blosxom2lj 0.3
New version, at blosxom2lj.tar.gz. Changes: Now uses a config file. Yay!

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Sep 25 2003 21:05 Bad puns What happens to a mosquito inside the Matrix? It gets rotated, because that's what happens when a vector is multiplied by the matrix.

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Sep 22 2003 13:39 blosxom2lj
So I wrote a standalone script and a plugin to sync blosxom data to LJ (but not the reverse). I'm about to submit it to blosxom plugin registry.

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Sep 21 2003 12:08 Yay! I can write Marathi!
ये! मी मराठी लिहु शकतो!

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Sep 19 2003 07:23 Top5Classic - 9/19/03 - Dumbest Signs of the Apocalypse
5> Not only has everyone in the office mutually agreed on where to eat lunch, but the decision was made in under 15 minutes.

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Sep 18 2003 20:24 Email worms on Friends
Chandler opens an email on Ross' computer. "It must have been a virus that deleted all the files on your hard drive!" Bleugh!

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Sep 18 2003 15:23 Hurricane

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Sep 17 2003 13:11 Jigzone jigsaw puzzles
Jigzone jigsaw puzzles, requires javascript.
My puzzles

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Sep 12 2003 19:37 Badgers!
Sep 12 2003 10:54 Good stuff from Wizardry Compiled
"Almost a score of them, recruited from the Valley of Quartz."
"You mean Silicon Valley."

In other news, Hurricane Isabel is threatening the whole East Coast.

"corned_beef is a hashing routine, obviously,"

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Sep 12 2003 10:47 cron
So I'm trying to get cron to run blosxom every minute, and I can't edit the crontab. Turns out that /var/spool/cron/crontabs/satyap should be owned by me.

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Sep 11 2003 22:00 (no title)
i'd rather have dates in filenames, that way i can't accidentally touch a file and have the wrong date on it.
this is unlikely to be a regular journal, i have livejournal, where people can actually comment. well, maye it will be.

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Sep 11 2003 22:00 First Post
yay, wow, i can't believe how easy this thing is. Get the cgi script, edit paths, put in right place, chmod, and zooom! oh, and "first post!"

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