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Oct 29 2003 19:35 FedEx
I ordered some stuff, and it arrived this afternoon by FedEx. And then I got an email sometime after 6pm saying that it's arriving today. Weird, eh?

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Oct 29 2003 18:27 How stuff works
This is a perfect application for the original Web paradigm of hypertext.

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Oct 25 2003 20:24 Matrix Reloaded
Okay, here are my theories about neo stopping the sentinels outside the Matrix:
a) Implanted radio. He's got the hardware from being in the Matrix half his life, and now knows how to use it.
b) Matrix-within-the-matrix.
c) His signal was intercepted, he's still inside but in a containment sandbox.
Incidentally, I hope everyone noticed that a copy of Smith has cracked into and taken control of a human cortex.
(Prompted by

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Oct 23 2003 13:46 The USPS mis-directs mail.
But they handled it pretty well. I sent a postcard from the US to India, and I posted it at the post office by handing it to a human.
Someone read the wrong address. The next day (today), I got the postcard back in the mail. "Delivered". So I took it back to the post office, where the same human was very nice and re-injected it back into the queue. Yay.

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Oct 20 2003 12:46 I like peas!
I like peas, I like them with my rice! I like peas, I like them in this rice!

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Oct 20 2003 11:01 Morning coffee run
"It's never too early for insanity."

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Oct 11 2003 20:47 More on extractions
So I'm feeling a lot better than last time. Less than 48 hours after extraction, I wouldn't mind eating one of those chewy cookies. Last time it took at least a week to get this far. Probably because this time I've only lost 2 teeth in the back on one side, and not two on one side and one in front.

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Oct 10 2003 20:35 My extraction saga
I got the last two extractions done today, for 1 and 32. I'm down to 28 teeth now. Sat down in the chair, they put a cuff on me, a sensor on my finger, and oxygen over my nose. The they stuck a board under my arm, and I was told to let my fingers hang loose over the edge. They were going "relax your fingers", and trying to straighten my little finger -- which has been bent for as long as I can remember. I said "uh, that's not going to open" so they were like "oh, okay, pull your hand forward a bit." Talking too much, cracking jokes that no one understood. Eventually they stick the needle in, and I'm expecting that the next thing I'll know is me standing around staring at my own teeth, like last time. No dice, I'm still aware. Then the ceiling lights start getting blurry, I say so. I add that as I'm not wearing my glasses, that means nothing. Next thing I know, the light's getting brighter, gj's next to me, and I'm having great difficulty talking. I launch right back into my stupid comments spiel. One of the ladies who works there was nice enough to drive us home when it becamse obvious that I couldn't walk. At least Advil has stopped the pain and I can eat now, unlike last time when the wounds were in 16, 17, and just behind 9 (that's left wisdoms and a supernumerary in the front.)

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Oct 10 2003 20:12 Cell-phone number portability Suncom is already charging for this "new feature". They better implement it.

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Oct 06 2003 19:37 I *am* Satya

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Oct 06 2003 16:23 Processes
500 processes sitting in a (process) tree, k-i-l-l-i-n-g!

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