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Jun 24 2004 23:40 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Saw Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban at the Imax. Interesting, quite good if you ignore the books.

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Jun 19 2004 10:34 The units program
You have: 1.5625in
You want: angstroms
        * 3.96875e+08
        / 2.519685e-09

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Jun 08 2004 12:25 The spam problem
Filters are fine and all, but they still put the processing burden on the receiver.

How about rate-limiting connections from unknown servers? Let's say you are You know about smtp.other.isp and, so you allow them to connect at will.

Now connects. You've never seen this one before. You could graylist -- a technique where you send a "busy, try later" message to any server that you've never seen before. Spam servers rarely try later. Legit mail could get delayed.

Or you could rate-limit connections. Some connecting servers would get no limit at all -- trusted servers. Some would get a small limit that might even be traffic or time dependent. Unknown servers would get a larger limit. Thus connecting servers could only inject messages at a throttled rate -- no spewage. The downside is that you'd have to hold connections open longer, occupying resources.

You could use a combination of the two.

SPF records could help cut down on zombie mailers, but they haven't gained wide acceptance yet. I can't decide whether to support SPF so that it takes off, or not support it because it hasn't taken off.

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Jun 06 2004 21:15 Bah!
That should be "mailbox", not email, of course.
Jun 06 2004 21:12 7 envelopes
Due to various rebates and other stuff, I am about to drop 7 envelopes in the email tomorrow.

The USPS is a packet-switching network.

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