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Oct 27 2005 07:53 Beliefs
Things I refuse to believe in:
  • Sub-atomic particles, since I can't see them and can't hold them
  • Tectonic plates (never seen one)
  • Earth is round (looks flat to me)
  • Mars (show me. No, that's just a big red dot. No, those photos are fake. Show me.)
  • My body is composed of cells (again, never seen one)
Things I do believe in:
  • Flying Spaghetti Monster (why not?!!?)
  • Tree nymphs
  • Earth is flat
  • Babylon 5 is real (I saw it on TV)
  • The Force is real (no one could make that up! it's too outrageous)
  • Time travel

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Oct 26 2005 11:23 Fetal heartbeats
Fetal heartbeats are super-fast. 160/minute?

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Oct 25 2005 21:09 Bridge calendars!

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Oct 17 2005 22:01 Supertankers
Google Sightseeing found a tanker. It is huge.

I followed their link to wikipedia and found the Knock Nevis which I knew as Jahre Viking. I think my father has sailed aboard her (or the Jahre Trader). The Google Sightseeing people may have found Berge Stahl according to the comments on their page. I've been aboard Berge Boss, though.

It was fun.

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Oct 11 2005 18:33 Ramblings on Babylon 5
Alright, Babylon 5 season three is eerily similar to Star Wars Eps I and II. Maybe that's why Eyrie Productions has an arc with Federation Senator Palpatine and Earth Alliance Senator Clark working together. Then there's the whole Night Watch sub-plot. I won't go into that.

An episode started with Ivanova talking about a dream I recently remembered having. (Remembered having, but don't actually know I had it.) That's the one where you feel a tooth that's loose or about to fall out.

B5 is basically a space opera, just like any other soap opera on TV except that it is science fiction. It's funny, too. The graphics are good, but they're obviously computer generated. It looks like a computer game sometimes.

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Oct 04 2005 19:59 Cities
I have lived in four cities: Pune, Mumbai, Los Angeles, and Charleston. Pune doesn't count; I grew up in Mumbai. All three (Mumbai, L.A., Charleston) have been on the coast. Mumbai and L.A. on the west, Chas on the east. All three have not been a capital -- state capitals don't count for much in India, though Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra. California's capital is Sacramento, and SC's is Columbia. All three could be mistaken for a capital which it isn't. Mumbai could be India's capital, L.A. could be California's, Chas has been SC's.

All have been associated with movies. Mumbai::Bollywood, L.A.::Hollywood, and Chas... well, many movies have been shot around the old Cooper River bridges, including Die Hard 3.

Each has been on a different Ocean: Indian (with some cheating as Mumbai is actually on the Arabian Sea), Pacific, and Atlantic. Each has been in the center of racial, ethnic, or "civil" violence: Mumbai has had the 1993 riots (and others?), L.A.'s infamous early 90s riots (and others?) and Charleston's Fort Sumter -- where the U.S. Civil War started.

In each city, I've been associated with an institute of higher education. That's not hard, considering that I've only lived in four places and was in an institute of *lower* education (a.k.a. elementary school) in Pune. Okay, now I'm reaching too far.

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