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Sep 25 2006 22:18 DVD authoring
I put together a few scripts when I was putting my son's videos on DVD. Here they are. As-is, if tehy work for you, fine, if they delete all your stuff, don't blame me. This is for experts. And it relies on tovid and imagemagick if not more stuff. The download page.

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Sep 22 2006 11:32 Lunch O Clock
I just coined the term "Lunch o'clock", though Matthew says he's heard it before. Typical usage:
  • "Is it lunchoclock yet?"
  • "I can't believe it's lunchoclock"
Yes, it is to be silly.

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Sep 13 2006 06:02 All-nighter
Holy cow, I just pulled an all-nighter!

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Sep 11 2006 20:53 Tab damage

Okay, this isn't about the old-style text Usenettish tab-damage. I was sitting on the registration page for Dragonfable and I hit ctrl-tab, as I'm wont to do, to switch to a different Firefox tab.

Apparently the DragonFable folks are capturing the tab keypress to move me between form fields. Thanks, idiots, but did you realise that most modern browsers already HAVE THAT CAPABILITY BUILT IN!?!? What're you going to provide for me next, the back button??

Update: Ah, I see. Flash. Figures.

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