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Mar 27 2008 10:08 Irrelevant images in news columns

I'm not sure how long this BBC web page containing an article about Indian Finance Minister P Chidambaram's comments on biofuels will be around (do they publish permanently to the web? who knows), but I'm linking to it anyway. I ask, what does the second picture, the one with a bullock cart full of people, have to do with the article? Other than the usual "oh look at the poor backwards country with its huge population on carts" angle, of course. Should I start including irrelevant images with my blog posts?

I'm with Satya
Many Indians are leet coders. Bullock cart technology helps.

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Mar 20 2008 23:59 Rikitiks
I'm reading a Star Wars novel, "Death Star". They use language based on real English but slightly off, to give it that science fiction/Star Wars flavor. Like, "a sliver is as good as a parsec" instead of "a miss is as good as a mile". Another one, "like a rikitik facing a naga". That's not so obvious, until you remember that Rudyard Kipling wrote a little story called Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, about a mongoose named Rikki-Tikki-Tavi and its arch-enemy, a snake named Nag (an Indian word for snake).

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Mar 14 2008 13:46 Pasta coding metaphors
Spaghetti code used to be code where the control jumps all over the place and is hard to follow. It was a procedural language thing. It is possible to build spaghetti code with object-oriented languages. Lasagna, you layer objects. Rotini spins round and round in one class.

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Mar 05 2008 12:19 Bumper stickers
Today I saw two bumper stickers in the style of European country stickers. People around here usually use them to indicate which island they're from. The two I saw today read SOA and PCRE. I don't know what SOA was, but PCRE was actually Cehqragvny Pnebyvan Erny Rfgngr. Usually SOA is Start of Authority or Service-Oriented Architecture (or any number of things) and PCRE is Perl Compatible Regular Expressions.

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