Satya's blog - 2008/04/

Apr 23 2008 18:04 Atlanta trip 2008

Went to Atlanta. Stayed at Hotel Hilton near the airport. Room had small roaches, had to move rooms. Hotwire says, 4 star hotels at 2 star prices. True, also get 3-star rooms. Was nothing special. Good view, the kid enjoyed watching aircraft. Hotel lobby etc were bling, rooms were ordinary. Shrug.

Indian restaurants were a waste. "Chat Patti" was way, way too spicy. Liked the Ikea store. Freeways were big, busy. Shrug. Saw tornado damage on tall downtown buildings. Ate at original Chick-fil-a in Hapeville. Parking in downtown is a pain. Driving anywhere is a pain, either freeways or lots of red lights.

Atlantic Station is a crazy place -- two levels of underground parking with a small-town-wannabe area above. In the middle of downtown.

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Apr 05 2008 17:40 Microsoft mice
Whatever else we say about Microsoft, the MS USB Intellimouse mice are VERY rugged. I thought I had totally destroyed mine, but after random jiggling with a flat-blade screwdriver, the wheel got unstuck and it seems to be fine.

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Apr 01 2008 08:19 Weird stuff happens

The Questionable Content webcomic showed me a dinosaur comic today. No explanations. (Dinosaur comics is a different webcomic). I figured the comic authors were doing an exchange or guest strip or something, but there was no explanation on the page.

When I went to play Kingdom of Loathing, all the images had been replaced by what looked like fish heads in a basket, but turned out to be salad -- and there were lots of salad references. I pondered for a while, then realised what today is. I hate this day.

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