Satya's blog - New Model M keybaord

Sep 05 2008 14:47 New Model M keybaord

I got a new Model M keyboard from eBay. FedEx just delivered the box inside a plastic bag -- go FedEx! -- on account of the storm. These keyboards are so ... what's the opposite of fragile? They're so durable, it was packed in the carboard box with just a cardboard frame and no other packing material (besides the shrinkwrap -- original, I think). Normally this means minus a few points on eBay, but like I said, they're very durable.

Unfortunately this isn't a "real" Model M. It's made in 1997 and the part number is 42H1292. It's still the buckling spring design, though :-)

And it came with a mouse. An IBM-logo'd, 2-button mouse with no scrollwheel.

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