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Apr 06 2010 11:23 Netflix, Roku, and subtitles

I just got the Roku, and aside from quick-seek, I miss subtitles[0]. I watch lots of British stuff (Doctor Who), and even some American stuff isn't too clear. Having the volume up loud isn't an option -- all I get is noise, usually.

[0] Or do I mean closed-captions?

I also watch foreign movies. *Those* have Engish subtitles/translations. So why can't Netflix do the same for English-language content? I'm not asking for 4 or more streams per title (none, English, French, Spanish -- these are the big 3 languages on DVDs), but two.

I miss quick-seeking because when I miss what someone said, with subtitles I can read the subtitle but without, I have to seek backward ("rewind", for those of us who grew up on tape). And then I have to wait several seconds for the device to download what it JUST showed me a few seconds ago. Both silverlight and the Roku need a better buffer.

Netflix, any help?

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