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Dec 18 2016 07:37 Star Wars: Rogue One

Watched Rogue One on Dec 15th at the event.

Spoilers ahead!

Call-backs to the original movies:

  1. Blue milk (is that an even older call-back to "Blue Harvest"?)
  2. The Governator
  3. The Princess
  4. The reprise of the blockade runner boarding scene (at the airlock *to* the blockade runner)
  5. Choking people
  6. Imperial battle station design elements
  7. "Commence primary ignition" (Which I always heard as the nonsensical "Commence spider ignition")
  8. The guy who has the death sentence in twelve systems
  9. Nice reveal at the end there. Saw it coming at the exact right moment (not too early, not too late)

Random observations:

Somewhere, some time, I remember reading a thing that was supposed to be an early draft of the original movie. It had a subtitle "Journal of the Whills", and Biggs Darklighter and his brother Luke were searching for (the? singular?) Kyber crystal. I can't find this thing anywhere, though Gizmodo seems to remember the same thing:

Who cleans all the imperial installations and mirror-polishes everything?

At least that platform at the data archive had a hand-rail. Who builds platforms over sheer drops, and why? Was that control panel there so you can see the dish while aiming it? How would that even work, you don't aim a dish like that by eye!

Things I didn't like:

The punning: "Choke on your aspirations"? (That's a double pun btw). It doesn't fit the character, I'm sorry, I can't take that. It's as bad as Han shot first.

While the quasi-Jedi guy was awesome, I felt that the character was simply shoe-horned in there for comic relief. One droid (played by Alan Tudyk! +1!) is enough for comic relief, thanks.

Inexplicable things:

They have a shield around an entire planet, where is it generated from? The DS-2 shield in ROTJ was generated from a base on (the moon of) Endor.

That's a short list.

Observations about the Governor:

So we know the actor has been dead for two decades. Apparently they got someone else to be the body double (see wikipedia article for the movie). I assume they texture-mapped the original actor's face on. To me it seemed as if they'd got a character out of a video game.

The effect was *just* a *little* bit short of real. Maybe because I was looking for it. I'm trying to read it as the Governor has cold dead eyes because he's that much of a stone-cold whatever, not because it's animated.

Sadly I spent so much time staring at the effect that I missed the dialogue.

Feb 15 2016 22:03 Moving things in AWS S3

Recently I had several hundred small files in an AWS S3 bucket, in folders by date.

Something like s3://bucket/2016-02-08/ (and a couple layers deeper), with a few "directories" under the dated "directory". (The sub-directories were the first letter of the ... things, so I had about 62 sub-directories (A-Z, a-z, 0-9). This is a naive hash function.)

I wanted to move them into a year-based "directory", so s3://bucket/2016/2016-02-08/

(Why am I quoting the word "directory"? Because they're not really directories, they're "prefixes". This is relevant if you use the AWS S3 SDK libraries.)

Moving them via the S3 web "console"'s cut/paste interface is slow. REALLLLLY slow. Like, multiple-days slow.

So I (after trying a few other things) pulled out the aws command-line tool (AWS CLI).

Since the sub-directories were letters and numbers, I could do this:

`for x in a b c d;do echo aws s3 mv --recursive s3://bucket/2016-02-08/$x s3://bucket/2016/2016-02-08/$x \&;done >`

The `for` loop runs through a, b, c, d (different from A, B, C, D), and sets up a recursive move operation. This move is much faster using the AWS CLI. Additionally, I background the process of moving the 'a's (using the `\&`) so the 'b's can start right away, and so forth.

But I don't run the commands right away. Notice that they're being `echo`ed. Capture the output in a file, and run the Why?

Because I can now set up a second file with d e f g, to go right after the first, or even in parallel. So now I have up to 4 or 8 move operations going at once. watch the whole thing with `watch "ps axww|grep scr"` in a separate terminal, of course.

But mainly because the `&` backgrounding interacts weirdly with the for loop.

With this, I was done in well, a couple of hours. A lot of that was waiting for the last copy-paste I ran in the web console to finish.

In this folder: