Star Trek Humor

Disc Space, The Final Frontier!
These are the voyages of the starship Microsoft.
It's mission: To explode strange new programs;
To destroy new code and new competition;
To boldly market where no one has marketed before!

Borg at McDonalds: Fries are irrelevant.

Borg math teacher: Summation is futile. You will be integrated. Your grades are irrelevant.

Borg science teacher: Resistance is futile. Use a capacitor.

Borg arresting officer: Resistance is futile. Put down your weapon and assimilate with your hands up!

Borg to lunch: You will be assimilated.

Key-borg: Your keystrokes will be assimilated.

Lenard McBorg: He's assimilated, Jim!

BorgDOS: Press any key to assimilate...

BorgDOS: Assimilate, Resist, Futile?

BorgDOS: Bad command or filename. Your data will be assimilated.

BorgDOS: Insert disk to be assimilated in drive A: and press any key to continue.

WinBorg: General Protection Fault. Assimilate?

SpockBorg: Resistance is illogical.

ScottBorg: She canna assimilate this much longer!

Deanna Troi: I sense great resistance, great futility...

Picard: Make it assimilate!

Picard: To surrender or not to surrender...

Worf: Klingons do not assimilate!

Worf: It is a good day to resist.

Data: To assimilate: to digest, absorb, take up, learn, understand, grasp, incorporate,...yes, sir!

Data: To resist: to oppose, combat, contest, assail, counteract, defy, endure, confront... yes, sir! (I had to look up a thesaurus for these two!)

Yoda: Futile is resistance, hmm?

Luke: (to Borg Vader): I will never join you!

Borgs Bunny: What's up, Borg?

MacDonald's: Your order is irrelevant. Your money will be assimilated.

SherBorg Holmes: Assimilatory, my dear Watson!

Borg Gates: Tech support is irrelevant. Upgrading is futile. Your hard disk will be assimilated.

Borg Tyson: Your ear will be assimilated.