Short Circuit Quiz

Dated pre-2001

Satyajit Phanse (SE - Elecs - TSEC)
Milind Nemlekar (BE - Elecs - TSEC)

  1. Why do telephones (normal MTNL, not cordless or mobile!) work even when power is lost?
  2. Who is alleged to have said, "640kB [of memory] ought to be enough for anyone" in the 80's?
  3. What does the acronym FIRE on the FIAT UNO stand for?
  4. If you're driving in a car at the speed of light, (!!!!!!) and you turn on the headlights, what happens?
  5. If the number of my specs is 2.0, what is its focal length?
  6. What happens when you turn the knob to decrease the speed of the fan?
  7. Why are alphabet keys on the keyboard arranged in that weird pattern?
  8. Why are manhole covers round?
  9. When blowing air in a balloon, Pressure increases and Volume increases. According to Boyle's Law, PV=constant. Explain this contradiction.
  10. Will a mosquito in a moving train need to make any effort to remain stationary?
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