Satya's LJ archive 200212

Event time: 2002-12-02 00:56:00
Log time: 2002-12-02 00:56:37
Subject: Brr!
Mood: gloomy

54 farenheit, that's what, 54-32=22, divide by 2, that's about 11, so it's maybe 12 degrees centigrade. I thought this was L.A.!

Event time: 2002-12-17 01:18:00
Log time: 2002-12-17 01:18:59
Mood: happy

Tom: [Dave] Look! See how these invisible flying elves keep pestering me
     with memoranda?
Crow: It's Trek, Tom. There might actually *be* invisible flying elves there.


Event time: 2002-12-17 01:22:00
Log time: 2002-12-17 01:22:27

>                                   Waiting for Marrissa to save the day

>again doesn't seem like a very palatable option this time."
-- (same URL as before)

All I have to say is: !!!

Event time: 2002-12-17 01:29:00
Log time: 2002-12-17 01:30:02

>      "I'm afraid not, Dave.

[All start to speak]
Mike: Okay, were we all about to do a "2001" Ref?
Bots: Yes.
Mike: Let's just mark it done and go on then, okay?
Bots: 'Kay.

(yes, same place)

(yes, I'm using this as a notepad, why?)