OpenTTD saved games: 201007

Saved games for 201007 (version 1.0 of OpenTTD).

The July 2010 game is a randomly generated 512x256 temperate map, with towns placed semi-randomly. But it's the same map as the February game.

The intent was to build a passenger network from one corner to another, and some industry railways to supplement income. Unlike the February game, which turned into a cargo map with a little passenger action, this time I'll do pure passenger.

After building a coal money-maker, I started the Japanese Shinkansen-style (maglev) passenger line. When that stagnated, I concentrated on the industries. The engines I started with were the K4 Pacific steam engines, but I switched to using SD70MAC diesels (112km/h) before game year 2000. I used F40PH-2 engines (177km/h) on a separate mainline for goods, and later for oil.

The passenger mainline uses the usual Japan Set trains for passenger and mail service on separate consists. The feeder service uses 101 EMU from the Japanese set, which is a commuter train for fast pax loading but with 200% wagon running cost. Or it would have, but I'm planning to use single stations, so we really want a fast-running train, not necessarily a fast-loading one. So, the AEM7 electric is what I'll use.

I used a cross-shaped Shinkansen (maglev) mainline with four main stations. There are several feeder stations which are themselves fed by trams. In 2009, the 200 series Shinkansen trains were replaced by the faster and more powerful 500 Series.

Because Kawamori and Morizaki were sort of left alone in the middle, I built a beltway around them in GY2027. I used the E231 EMU commuter train for fast load, and I used separate inner/outer tracks.

In the meantime, the SH Royal trams were being replaced with A2020 3-car trams. The A2020s are faster and have more capacity, but overhang the stations a bit.

Screenshot 1

I've used these GRFs from #openttdcoop's GRF pack version 7.3:

openttd.cfg (#openttdcoop's version 7.3 graphics pack):

ottdc_grfpack/1_other/OpenGFX/newbuildings.grf = 
ottdc_grfpack/7_stations/basic_platforms/basic_platformsw.grf = 
ottdc_grfpack/7_stations/indstatr/indstatrw.grf = 
ottdc_grfpack/7_stations/newstats/newstatsw.grf = 
ottdc_grfpack/8_vehicles/trains_wagons/usset/ussetw.grf = 
ottdc_grfpack/8_vehicles/trams/generictrams/generictrams_v0.4.grf = 
ottdc_grfpack/1_other/OpenGFX/OpenGFX_NewIndustries_v0.10.1.grf = 
ottdc_grfpack/4_infrastructure/totalbridges/total_bridges.grf = 
japanese_stations.2.0/jpstationsw.grf = 
ottdc_grfpack/1_other/townnames/japanese/jpset_namw.GRF = 
ottdc_grfpack/2_landscape/jpset_lnd/jpset_lndw.GRF = 
ottdc_grfpack/6_town_buildings/jpset_bld/jpset_bldw.GRF = 
ottdc_grfpack/8_vehicles/trains_wagons/jptrains/jptrains2w.grf =