OpenTTD saved games: 201310

Saved games for 201310 (version 1.1.4 of OpenTTD).

The October 2013 game is a randomly generated sub-arctic scenario. 1024x256 tiles, running till Game Year 2068, with 906 trains, 296 road vehicles, and 12 ships. Made 9.358 billion pounds.

Intended as a primarily passenger with secondary industrial network. Started with a coal money-maker that became a small network. The coal line ran 3.5-tile-length coal trains each with a single GP38-2 engine and truck-based short-haul feeders. Then came a 4-tile-length passenger feeder tied into two 7-tile-length ICE stations, one at each end of the map.

The pax lines were intended to use trains from the Japanese train set, and the industrial trains were meant to use the North American train set. For reasons.

The pax feeders used Class 485 Express EMUs from the Japanese train set, which run at 120km/h, have powered wagons and 200% running costs. This was among the fastest engines available at the time. The ICE, using monorail tracks to simulate Shinkansen, started with the 210km/h 0 series Shinkansen, upgraded shortly (before Game Year 2000) to the 270km/h 300 series Shinkansen.

The passenger feeder lines were often supplemented with trams, one of the Bombardier Variobahn 273 (69km/h, 120 pax), Bombardier K4500 (69km/h, 153 pax), or the standard SH Royal Passenger Tram (80km/h, 90 pax).

An early mistake involved serving Matsuoka, a City, with just trams. I decided to keep it that way but extended a pax train feeder closer to it (at Sumigi), instead of adding too many hovercraft to the Sumigi-Aobashi ferry.

In Game Year 2010, the Class 485 Express EMUs were replaced with E351 Express EMUs for pax feeder service. The new trains run at 160km/h and are "tilting trains", having a 20% higher curve speed.

Game Year 2047 saw the beginning of replacing all the 300 series Shinkansen with N700 series, a 30km/h speed increase from 270 to 300. By this time there were 2 other ICE lines. One of the other ICE lines already had N700 Shinkansen.

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I've used GRFs from #openttdcoop's GRF pack version 7.3, not sure exactly which ones. And Japanese Stations 2.0 for the passenger lines.

    ottdc_grfpack/1_other/OpenGFX/newbuildings.grf = 
    ottdc_grfpack/7_stations/basic_platforms/basic_platformsw.grf = 
    ottdc_grfpack/7_stations/indstatr/indstatrw.grf = 
    ottdc_grfpack/7_stations/newstats/newstatsw.grf = 
    ottdc_grfpack/8_vehicles/trains_wagons/usset/ussetw.grf = 
    ottdc_grfpack/8_vehicles/trams/generictrams/generictrams_v0.4.grf = 
    ottdc_grfpack/1_other/OpenGFX/OpenGFX_NewIndustries_v0.10.1.grf = 
    ottdc_grfpack/4_infrastructure/totalbridges/total_bridges.grf = 
    japanese_stations.2.0/jpstationsw.grf = 
    ottdc_grfpack/1_other/townnames/japanese/jpset_namw.GRF = 
    ottdc_grfpack/2_landscape/jpset_lnd/jpset_lndw.GRF = 
    ottdc_grfpack/6_town_buildings/jpset_bld/jpset_bldw.GRF = 
    ottdc_grfpack/8_vehicles/trains_wagons/jptrains/jptrains2w.grf =