Satya's blog - Getting to the DMV

May 04 2004 17:56 Getting to the DMV
I got directions to the DMV in Upchuck, saying take 26W, 216B, left on Azalea, left on Leeds. To get on 26, there was some delay so I broke right for MountP and then got lost in I'on. ("Lost" here means I knew where I was but not how to get to wherever I wanted to go without retracing.)

Finally hit the 526, got on the 26 coming back, and took exit 216A because I was going in the opposite direction. After blundering up Sam Ritt, turned around somehow and passed under 26...

To see that my left on Azalea was in the next lane over. Turned around a bit looking for Azalea/Leeds, found 26, got on, took exit 216B this time, couldn't merge, got back on 26 (it's a near-perfect cloverleaf intersection), took the next exit (216A? by this time I was down to dead reckoning), possibly going the wrong way on Cosgrove again, got back on 26, took the next exit again (216B, I'm pretty sure), merged, switched, and got on Azalea.


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