Satya's blog - Fixing HTML errors

Jul 15 2004 15:15 Fixing HTML errors
I'm fixing all the HTML errors on my website. Hopefully I'll get every single web page to validate against XHTML 1.0 Transitional.

And then after a year or two I can do it all over again for XHTML 2.0 Strict.

I'm also streamlining and throwing out obsolete stuff, plus putting dates on web pages. I've moved to using HTML::Tenmplate to do the templates instead of my obsolete home-grown system, so I get an automatic Last-modified from the file system, but that doesn't cut it because simply touching the file meses it up. So I'm adding things like "Dated: pre-1999" in various places, especially on the pages with really old and sometimes embarrassing stuff. (Embarrassing in the sense that "I didn't know what I was doing/I was too young".)

Tag: tech self