Satya's blog - 2004/08/

Aug 31 2004 13:48 My geek code block
Somewhat inaccurate:
Version: 3.12
GCS d s+:+ a- C++ UL++ P++ L++ E--- W++ N++ o+ K w
O- M- V- PS+ PE Y+ PGP- t 5 X- R tv-- b+++ DI+ D+
G e+++ h--- r+++ z?

The generator is out of date. And apparently won't let me make multiple choices.

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Aug 31 2004 12:30 Saccs personal accounting Saccs personal accounting. Sounds grandiose, doesn't it. Oh well. It's only 0.1 but I'll write updates soon.

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Aug 31 2004 11:28 Hurricane Frances
We will get Frances by next week. It is major hurricane predicted to reach the Florida coast by Monday Sep 6 but if it turns north -- and we think it will -- it will come towards us. It might even graze the Florida coast and then turn north, which is bad for Florida but better for us. In that case it will tear up the entire coast from Florida to North Carolina except maybe Georgia. In that case, it will hopefully weaken.

Or it could turn north earlier and head straight for us. That'll happen if the ridge to its north weakens at just the wrong time. One hopes there will be a jet stream over us to push it away then.

Best hope is for the ridge to weaken by tomorrow, and then the stream can catch it and turn it north into open water. That's not gonna happen :-(

Will know more Friday Sep 3.

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Aug 29 2004 09:40 Lynx and zgv
Lynx and zgv, yeah! I had to apt-get zgv, but still.... So wintermutex is shut off but I want to get to my weather site. So I hit lynx on gort's console, then installed zgv, and now I can view the weather map. Whee!

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Aug 29 2004 09:36 Gaston update
My driveway is flooded -- I bet worse than popefelix's. The water's up all the way behind the house but my car is still okay. Too bad the girl downstairs can't leave -- my car is parked behind her's and I *cannot* drive into the street.

The rain got a little obnoxious earlier, with some wind that kept beating the tree against the house. I told the rental people a week ago that tree needs to be trimmed.

Power is flickery, we lost cable for a few seconds, so wintermutex is shut down and I'm typing this directly on gort's console. The UPS just clicked. I don't know if I'll be able to send this before things shut down. The wind's reducing, though.

"75 thousand people without power at this point in time" according to live5.

Cool, bits of road that I know are on TV. An inch of water does not make a road "completely impassable", by the way. Just FYI.

They're calling it worse than Charley, and that is correct.

Now all that in the weather reporter version: "The.. the road outside is 5 feet deep in water... we urge you not to drive in... drive right now. It's *very* windy.... I can hear the trees literally thrashing about and banging into the side of the house. Power is very flaky... we could lose the feed completely..." well you get the idea.

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Aug 29 2004 08:41 How to compile C++ with GCC
In the midst of TS/Hurricane Gaston, I find this.
If you compile gcc, it does not find the standard C++ library stdc++.
If you compile gcc -lstdc++, it works fine.
If you compile g++, it works fine.
But you must always have your program like this:
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int main() {
cout << "Hello world" << endl;
return 0;
#include <iostream>
int main() {
std::cout << "Hello world" << std::endl;
return 0;
Gotta have the right namespace. And no using iostream.h

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Aug 26 2004 10:45 The Dish
Movie about a radio telescope in Australia, used during the Apollo 11 mission. Watch it just for the space program shots during the titles. Watch it for the launch sequence. Funny in a geeky way. Probably some movie BS, but believable.

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Aug 22 2004 17:59 Wardrobe malfunctions and Fox news
So it's a big month-long uproar if Janet Jackson has a 'wardrobe malfunction' and shows something for about half a second but it's okay for Fox News to show a nude painting on screen for several seconds?

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Aug 14 2004 14:51 Hurricane Charley
Well, CHarley passed us by. I had all 5 hard drives removed and ready for evac, but we didn't. So around 1400 I reinsterted 4 of the 5 drives (the fifth is for a computer that I need to re-purpose) and brought up Windows. There was a hiccup with the network but the router and cables fixed that. So I boot up and log in and get gort running, and then hit the browser.

No browser, shortcut not found. Investigate. Oh, no decondary drive? Why? Jiggle cables, nothing. Inspiration strikes. I have the wrong drive in the box, of course Windows knows nothing of ext2fs. Swap drives, everything comes up.

So everything's okay now.

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Aug 12 2004 14:10 New kernel
Woot, new kernel. Now gort is 2.6-compliant and has a bigger /usr -- I moved drives to the new box and moved /usr to a bigger partition last night. Then I compiled the new kernel this morning and after a couple of recompiles it's back up.

Recompile #1 because I didn't realise it couldn't find the root fs because something was wrong with /vmlinuz. Recompile #2 because I forgot all the ipchains/iptables and networking stuff needed for the firewall.

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Aug 11 2004 14:13 Double Turing test
You know the Turing test right, where you get one person to type at two terminals, and get responses from a program and a human, and decide which one's the humna? Well what if the responding human also had to deecide which of the other two was the human?

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Aug 05 2004 20:34 Dihedral on the P51
While I got a nice dihderal on my P51:
I just noticed that the right wing is 1.75 inches higher at the tip than the center, and the left wing is 1.25 inches. That's a nice 0.5" difference.

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Aug 03 2004 18:01 ITLab stays late
Just as I'm leaving, I notice that all 4 ITLabbers are still in and it's almost quarter to six. Holy stuff!

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Aug 03 2004 17:38 mod_auth_any does apache 2
Someone sent in a new copy of mod_auth_any.c which worked with apache 2. So I ran diff against the one I had, and then applied #ifdefs so that it would work with both apache 1 and 2.

Then I tested with authClient and nothing would work. authClient worked from command line but not from the browser, so after much debugging I found... what did I find? Oh yeah, for one thing authClient needs to return "Success\n" right before the user's name, because mod_auth_any expects it.

Still no worky. So about 30 minutes later I found that when I overwrote the authClient, I screwed up its notion of where its config file was.

It's all good now.

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