Satya's blog - Gaston update

Aug 29 2004 09:36 Gaston update
My driveway is flooded -- I bet worse than popefelix's. The water's up all the way behind the house but my car is still okay. Too bad the girl downstairs can't leave -- my car is parked behind her's and I *cannot* drive into the street.

The rain got a little obnoxious earlier, with some wind that kept beating the tree against the house. I told the rental people a week ago that tree needs to be trimmed.

Power is flickery, we lost cable for a few seconds, so wintermutex is shut down and I'm typing this directly on gort's console. The UPS just clicked. I don't know if I'll be able to send this before things shut down. The wind's reducing, though.

"75 thousand people without power at this point in time" according to live5.

Cool, bits of road that I know are on TV. An inch of water does not make a road "completely impassable", by the way. Just FYI.

They're calling it worse than Charley, and that is correct.

Now all that in the weather reporter version: "The.. the road outside is 5 feet deep in water... we urge you not to drive in... drive right now. It's *very* windy.... I can hear the trees literally thrashing about and banging into the side of the house. Power is very flaky... we could lose the feed completely..." well you get the idea.

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