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Sep 22 2004 17:18 Bloglines is kinda cool, but I prefer something that runs locally. Maybe. I think that's why I don't like it so much.

Then again, I have a number of RSS feeds and other things (I get bank data in my email. WWW::Mechanize and HTML::TableExtract rock), and each feed is treated differently. I should say, I have sets of feeds that are treated differently. For example, my weather page is generated off a feed from NOAA plus several websites (i.e. HTML pages). On the other hand, the afore-mentioned bank scripts send me email. Some of them generate a web page and one generates RSS. A number of news feeds come to me on Jabber IM.

Point is, I don't have a good one-stop shop for RSS. I need something that can aggregate my feeds on one page (Sage, a Firefox plugin, is good but doesn't cache), and then I can set my home page to link to that page along with everything else. Guess that's my weekend project -- except it won't take a weekend so I'll do it tonight.

I've blogged a LOT this month.

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