Satya's blog - IM typing style

Sep 21 2004 16:19 IM typing style
Prompted by where bluesmoon poses the question: "What liner are you?
When using instant messaging, are you someone who'll write an entire paragraph before pressing enter, or do you press enter after a single line is written?"

I do one-liners, but I disagree with Mr. Chitnis (hey, I know that name from the Linux-on-a-PCQ-magazine days). I'll happily type an entire paragraph, one line at a time, so each line gets sent as soon as it's typed. That stops this syndrome:

::user at other end taps fingers, looks at watch, sighs, gets coffee...:: *type*TYPE*ENTER*
::user sits down for a long read, I get coffee and take a bathroom break while user reads and types big response::

By going line-at-a-time (I should say fragment at a time), you prevent this and also allow asynchronous interleaving -- but all participants need to have the kind of mind that can follow 3 or 4 threads. More, if you're talking about more than 1 subject. This multi-threaded thought process is very hard for most people. (pot-shot) Especially those who top-post or even bottom-post and trim *nothing*.

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