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Sep 03 2004 23:28 A quiz clue
"This short film was the first to win an Academy award for its production house in 1944. It featured a pianist's titanic efforts to perform the difficult Hungarian Rhapsody no. 2[ Franz Liszt] in the face of opposition by his lifelong foe. Name the film."

That was the clue. Hungarian Rhapsody should have tipped me off, but didn't. The pianist's name is Thomas. His "lifelong foe" is Jerry. The "short film"? Gur Png Pbapregb. ( The Cat Concerto )

(The text in the brackets above has a style: background-color: #ffffff;color: #ffffff. This should render as white on white. If it does not, too bad. If it does, either transcribe the rot13 "Gur Png Pbapregb" or select the white-on-white text. Many browsers cause a selection to be rendered in a fixed contrasting color scheme, making the text visible.)

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