Satya's blog - Gkrellm

Nov 03 2004 19:28 Gkrellm
Since someone filled up /var on gort twice since yesterday, today I wanted to write some kind of client-server thing to monitor gort's health and display it in a terminal on some other computer like deepthot. Then I considered making it web-base,d writing it in perl, etc. Then I considered using something like Big Brother or some other server monitoring thing.

Then amblin told me about the perfect thing.

So after several months of wondering (and not losing any sleep over) what that gkrellm thing in the package list is, today I found out. It's a server/computer monitoring daemon and graphical display bar thingy. Very configurable, sometimes a little hard to read, but nice. I run two on deepthot: one to monitor deepthot, another to monitor gort (tunnelled over ssh, though it doesn't have to be. And not X-forwaded, either). This thing does client-server as well as local monitoring.

Then I came home and set up the windows version (suckier) on wintermutex. Now I can actually *see* when sysdrive starts filling up. And I can still monitor gort. I probably don't need to monitor deepthot from here. Maybe I should -- then I'd have a desktop full of gkrellm bars.