Satya's blog - Backups with rsync

Nov 03 2004 19:38 Backups with rsync
After installing gkrellm on deepthot, I realised I have a bunch of settings and email folders on deepthot that aren't backed up. Enter rsync:
rsync -rle ssh /home/satyap satyap@[server]:dt \
--exclude=/satyap/.cpan \
--delete \
--delete-excluded \
Yeah, bwlimit is commented out. It was there as a courtesy to those who share the room, since we're all on the same router and my backup is a couple of gigs. (I don't know how! Lots of old crap and can't-throw-this-away files.) Anyway, everyone's gone home now, the screen(1) has been re-attached, and it's at full throttle now.

Note: Knowing how to "reboot with F8 in safe mode" does not make you an Air Force tech.