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Jan 30 2005 22:04 The Labyrinth Key
I'm reading Howard Hendrix's The Labyrinth Key, which is about all sorts of metaphysics and metaquantummechanics. And spy-ness.

Anyway, I found a couple of references which I just have to share with the zero people reading my blog: one is a reference to Tolkien's LOTR, when something is compared to writing on a magic ring becoming visible with fire (somewhere around page 273 in the paperback, when Don is being shown the steganographics in the Dosso Dossi painting). Another is when the TLA-agency chief tells her deputy to not leave the country, because he's "a captain, not a redshirt." -- Star Trek.

Other than that, the book is thematically similar to Dan Brown's The DaVinci Code, with more science-fiction elements. Makes you think, if you can understand what Hendrix is saying.