Satya's blog - 'Geek speak' confuses net users, says confused BBC

Apr 06 2005 13:11 'Geek speak' confuses net users, says confused BBC
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Okay, the BBC is rubbing me the wrong way. They say, Confusing "geek speak" used by experts and media included "phishing", "rogue dialler", "Trojan" and "spyware". Yes, that's about as confusing as "transmission" "clutch" "timing belt" and "camshaft".

Okay, the word "phishing" is a little opaque, but would you prefer to call it "blongatta" instead? What would you call it? Perhaps the BBC can invent new words to replace the confusing ones? If we used a word that already existed, it would be more confusing, no?

Other confusing geek speak: mouse, right click, unplug, power.

Hey, people? Use the web. Use Google, use wikipedia. Apparently some of the words "being bandied around are more suitable for a computer programmers' convention than for people who want to go online at home". Er, yes? You don't see plumbers stopping every minute to explain what a ballcock is, do you? Doctors don't say "the patient was poopy" when writing in the journals, do they?

Sigh. This is just an attempt to dumb things down.