Satya's blog - Re-makes

Apr 28 2005 20:47 Re-makes
What's with all the remakes and making movies from old comics and stuff? Scooby Doo, er... I swear there was another based on some comic. Batman, of course, but that's not quite a re-make. Apparently there's a Superman movie in the works.

Hmm, just saw this: The Wiz, which includes Michael Jackson as the Scarecrow, haha!

Anyway I just saw something on TV about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory starring Johnny Depp, and I was like huh? what's with all the remakes, next thing they'll have Angelina Jolie as Dorothy in the Blizzard of Oz or something. Mary Coffin, the summer horror show. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang... let's not go there.