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May 01 2005 19:59 Star Trek Enterprise
NoNow, I don't really follow Enterprise, but today I happened to catch the tail end of an episode. What the heck was going on? First of all, they had a meld of TOS (The Original Series, aired somtimes in the 60s -- if you don't know that, you're probably not interested in the rest of this) and Enterprise. Half the cast were wearing E-style clothes (dark blue, Air Force in the 23rd century) and the rest were wearing TOS-style (solid red, yellow, and blue shirts) uniforms.

Besides, some Vulcan was in command of the NX-01 Enterprise, while an apparently alien-controlled Archer and company were in command of a Constitution-class (read: TOS-style) ship called the Defiant. A hot Sato was controlling him.

I need to rent this stuff on DVD. TV channels suck.

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