Satya's blog - Monday morning fires

Jun 13 2005 10:22 Monday morning fires
First thing Monday morning I find that the jabber server isn't responding. Actually, gaim hung when logging in, so I started an update of the system. That reminded me that the debian package proxy was partially broken. Oh well, it can wait till our sysadmin returns. (Return of the SUthadmin, heh.)

So anyway, updating didn't fix it and in the meantime bmuller reported a problem with his program, something about a stream error. So I ssh to the jabber server and start killing processes. Then I started them up by hand as root from the command lines shown by ps ax. This was wrong.

MUC (Multi-user chat) didn't, so I poked around some more and found the /etc/ini.d/jabber, sluice, and muc startup scripts. Fire them off, and I can't log in. Neither can bmuller. D'oh, our user XML files (and other people's) are owned by root! Run a quick find and a for loop, chown daemon.daemon, and everything's back to normal.

Now to fix Tania's other system and then figure out what to do with gradstudies, and if I have time I'll look to see what's wrong with the debian package server.

Update: Forgot to add, there was also a bug report about sluice being down, because of course sluice depends on jabber. No jabber, no sluice. Sigh.

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