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Aug 19 2005 22:58 Meme o the day
Meme o' the day, folks. This is stupid. 1. (Don't) go here. 2. Pass it on.
  1. ~How did you meet thepug? at work
  2. ~What would you do if you had never met icewalker? nothing
  3. ~What do you honestly think of thepug? scary
  4. ~Would or did thepug and thepug go out? er, he's himself? broken script, everyone!
  5. ~Have you ever liked mysticmoose? that canuck freak?... yeah, he's okay.
  6. ~If thepug died tomorrow, what is one thing that you would need him/her to know? don't go surfing
  7. ~Would freegeek and mayuresh make a good couple? bwahahaha! no.
  8. ~Describe thepug in 3 words: tofu's evil twin
  9. ~Do you think thepug is hot? don't go there
  10. ~Would thepug and jace make a lovely couple? no!
  11. ~What do you think of when you see thepug? holy crap, it's tofu!
  12. ~Tell me something humiliating about mayuresh: i like to keep my friends friendly.
  13. ~Do you know any of thetofu's family members? yes
  14. ~What's thepug's favorite color? dunno
  15. ~On a scale of 1-10 how cute is popefelix? not going there
  16. ~What would you do if mcg just professed their undying love for you? not going there either
  17. ~What language does thepug speak? californian? what's with the thepug fixation?
  18. ~Who is thepug going out with? ... er, dunno.
  19. ~Is weezer_311 a boy or a girl? boy, i think
  20. ~Would thepug and mcg make a good couple? probably not.
  21. ~Who do you think thepug would be great with from this list? no one, they're all guys. i think i see the problem.
  22. ~When was the last time you talked to thepug? month ago?
  23. ~What is mysticmoose's favorite band? dunno, probably dub island
  24. ~Does freegeek have any siblings? yes
  25. ~Would you ever date thetofu? no
  26. ~Would you ever date thepug? no
  27. ~Is thepug single? dunno probably
  28. ~What is thepug's last name? i know it, won't say.
  29. ~What is thepug's middle name? dunno
  30. What is thepug's fantasy? not going there even if i knew
  31. ~Where does weezer_311 live? lani court
  32. ~Would you make out with thepug? sigh. no.
  33. ~Are icewalker and thetofu best friends? i don't think so
  34. ~Does thepug like thepug? now cut that out. ya know, a simple while($a eq $b) would fix that.
  35. ~How did you meet thepug? er? see question 1.
  36. ~Is thepug older than you? probably
  37. ~Is jace the sexiest person alive? er, not going there. and no.
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