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Aug 21 2005 19:34 Clone Wars Vol. 1
I just saw Clone Wars, which is a bunch of 3 minute "cartoons" pasted together into an hour-long feature. It was pretty good, about the level of Attack of the Clones: provided some backstory, had some good fights, Anakin still whined.

Good visuals. The whole thing was done anime style (some of the spaceships wouldn't have been out of place in Robotech), courtesy Genndy Tarta... Tarta.. ::looks up IMDB:: Genndy Tartakovsky! but I think there was too much swaggering in the Jedi. Jedi do not swagger! Damn good battles, though. Mace Windu doesn't say much, but he kicks much ass. If this wasn't anime, I'd have issues with how many droids one Jedi, even Windu, can handle.

High points: The lightsaber battles, especially Windu's. Anakin's line "I have you now." which he uses as Vader in Ep 6 as well. The clone troopers, especially the special detachment. Low points: An unbelievably cocky Obi-wan. Padme as a figurehead and eye-candy.

IMDB has just informed me that there are episodes I haven't seen. Ah, this is Volume 1.

A bit of comic relief (just enough) from the droids. Not completely out of place, but not necessary.

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