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Sep 22 2005 15:57 Internet meme
Time for another meme. Post your answers to your blog:
  • Where is my blog hosted? On my web site, mirror at livejournal.
  • Blog software? Blograp
  • Pictures hosted at? My web site, using Bins
  • Email? My mail server, imaps and mutt as the client
  • Browser? Firefox
  • RSS? Bloglines
  • Picture repository? (Flickr, etc.) On my own damn box
  • Chat or IM protocols and clients? Jabber with Gaim, Yahoo and MSN if I have to.
  • P2P? None
  • Anti-virus? Linux. AVG on Windows
  • Music player? xmms
  • Search engine? Google, usually with Firefox's search bar
  • Social bookmarking?
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