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Dec 29 2005 21:48 LEGO Star Wars B-Wing
Yetsrday I was wandering around Target looking for a LEGO Star Destroyer (no one in this state has it, no Target in the US has it, Amazon does not have it, it's even backordered on when I found 3 B-Wing sets. The label under them said about $15, but I decided to wait and get home and see if there was a resale value for them on eBay or wherever. They're sweet, and I've always wanted a B-Wing, but it's not a big set and I don't want it that much. Build once, take pictures, re-sell.

I found it goes for anything from $20 to $50 on the auction site. I went back to Target today... looked closely at the price tag, which was for something else. Scanned the barcode, it turned out to be $35. I don't want it *that* much.

There are 3 LEGO B-Wings and an A-wing or two sitting in the West Ashley Target. And loads of Bionicles; apparently no one wants those.

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