Satya's blog - Insurance shenanigans

Feb 16 2006 13:19 Insurance shenanigans
I used to have Blue Cross Blue SHield (BCBS) for health and dental insurance. I now apparently have BCBS for dental and BlueChoice (BC) for health. What happened was, I kept going to either the BCBS or BC site and logging in to the same My Insurance Manager (MIM) site. That's right, the same site. Keep that in mind. BCBS and BC are separate 'entities' according to customer support.

Every time I went in I could log in and see my wife on dental but not health. So I called and they couldn't tell me why. So I sent them a couple of messages from within their craptastic MIM interface (which up-cased all my messages and broke the lines at weird places). Never got a reply.

My insurance has changed this year, and my number is slightly different. I can't change plans by going to "modify profile". When I called today I found out that BCBS and BC are "separate entities" and I need to create a new profile for BC. I had tried to create a new profile before and couldn't, and this time was the same. I need a different user name.

So. Different entities, same system. I can't have them both on the same profile because separate entities. I can't have two profiles with the same name (and they have different rules for the password format, too) because same system. People, if you want to be separate entities then have separate systems! Do not confuse your customers!

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