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Feb 05 2006 21:07 Foggy
Last month, January 13, was very foggy. I took some picture of the lake behind my apartment as well as on the Ravenel Bridge across the Cooper River. Many muscle cells died to bring us this information; the climb up from Mount Pleasant is steep.

Here are some ducks and the gazebo(?). The ducks seem unconcerned.
Ducks on foggy lake Ducks on foggy lake

The bike lane and the bridge float in whiteness. Cars appear out of nowhere. Note the wet pavement. The water fogged up my glasses on the way down the other side.
Ravenel Bridge Ravenel Bridge in fog

The suspension cable and pylons rise out of the fog. The second picture shows a faint blur to the right near the widest point of the pylon. That is an antenna mast in Mount Pleasant. That picture was taken while looking back the way I came.
Ravenel Bridge pylons Ravenel Bridge and Mt Pleasant

Here's a rare picture: The old Pearman bridge truss, soon to go away, is barely visible through the fog in the background.
Ravenel and Pearman

And the last picture. Downtown Charleston and the East Bay onramps, Meeting Street interchange, all invisible in the fog.
Ravenel Bridge and invisible downtown Charleston

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