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Feb 15 2006 08:30 The Consumerist
The Consumerist is what this blog would be if I didn't talk about models so much. It's all about consumer rants but apparently only from their own point of view. I've had a long-standing negative feeling about them because they don't allow any kind of commenting unless you're somehow in their circle of friends. That's okay, their web site = their rules.

But one of today's articles was just stupid: They think that the internet is a visual medium. Maybe, but that's what alt attributes (not "tags" people!) and other alternative content are for. (They're not for saying "get a real browser/email program" either. Smeg off, spammers who want me to get a "real email program" to read their spam.)

These people have also never heard of Section 508. (Whatever that is. I don't have a cite. Go look at google your favorite search engine.) Basically it requires certain kinds of accessibility features. Like alt attributes.

It's just wrong.

"If he wants to use the internet so much why doesn't he use a text-to-speach program?" (sic) says one of the commentators. That's the point, isn't it? Text-to-speech won't help if the clueless wankers designing the web site don't have alt attributes! No amount of text-to-speech is going to help with an image.

Oh, and Consumerist? Target sells lots of other things besides banana hammock Speedos. PS: Your web site has 78 HTML errors.

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