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Feb 05 2006 09:21 New building kits
I bought the Megabloks Probuilder Master Series kit number 9778, the Steam Express, for $30 from a ToysRUs liquidation sale. The thing goes for $40 anyway. It contains 1300 pieces. A similar LEGO kit would cost upwards of $150 (The Star Wars Ultimate Collection Series kits, granted, are probably marked up due to branding, but cost about $10 per 1000100 pieces). Megabloks is cheaper and made in China but you can't beat the price. Wish LEGO kits were cheaper.

Also bought two kits branded "Best Lock", which seem to be cheaper clones and say that they're compatible with "other brands" (i.e. LEGO). These two cost about $5 each and contain about 210 pieces each. One's an A-10 warthog and the other is something like a Bradley or half-track or something. An APC-type thing.

Update: The SW LEGO kits cost ~ $10 for 100 pieces, not 1000.

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