Satya's blog - Red Cross Phone Spam

Feb 10 2006 07:56 Red Cross Phone Spam
Couple of days ago I received a recorded phone message from the American Red Cross talking about how important it is to give blood (agreed) and to press 1/call a number to schedule my next appointment. I've already given blood less than 60 days ago. They won't let me give more even if I wanted, until about two weeks from now. So why are they phone spamming me?

I pressed 1 to tell them to not call me, and was connected with a phone menu. I thought "forget that" and hung up. Next morning I received a call from some lady at the Red Cross. (Voice message; I was asleep, thought it was the alarm, and shut it off. It was about 9-ish and I was sleeping late.) She said there was an interrupted call from me (true), and I should call back to complete my call if I wanted to. I don't want to! I want to tell them to stop annoying me, as I'm going to be a regular donor at my local office anyway! That's why I pressed 1! So stop calling me!

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