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Feb 01 2006 17:56 Star Trek: Enterprise
The Star Trek: Enterprise opening credits/title sequence is nice. Nice song, nicely sung, and nice images of human transport -- a sailing raft, HMS Enterprize, aircraft pioneers, various shots of the US space program, segueing nicely into the "future" scicen fiction, ending with the NX-01 warping off. I would reproduce the lyrics here but I don't want to get done for a copyright violation.

And now for a DVD complaint. Why the HELL can't I fast-forward or skip the crap at the beginning of the DVD? Each of them contains four episodes. If I don't watch them in one sitting, I could have up to four sessions (more if I don't mind coming back in the middle) but I have to sit through the CRAP EVERY TIME! DAMMIT@! VIACOM, YOU SUCK! Is it any wonder no one's buying your crap, *AA?

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