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Mar 27 2006 12:04 Star Trek: Mirror

Star Trek: Enterprise has it's own version of The original series (TOS)'s Mirror universe, in In a Mirror, Darkly. They screw up the meeting with the Vulcan's, at the beginning.

They even changed the opening sequence. Instead of "It's been a long road..." and uplifting images of the American space program, they have dark non-vocal music. They have the shot of the HMS Enterprize as usual, but then it descends into short takes of humanity's dark moments. The sailing ship fires, then shots of war, and so on.

We also see the first tests of the "agony booth", which we first saw many years ago on TOS.

Reed gets promoted. Archer holds a lower rank. There being no Earth embassy on Vulcan, Admiral Forrest doesn't die. But Ambassador Soval remains Crewman Soval.

Haha, it's great seeing the old Constitution-class starship again! Of course it's the Defiant, not Kirk's Enterprise, but that makes little difference.

Oh great, Archer is wearing Kirk's uniform. Leisure suit. Whatever. And yaay, he's going up against a Gorn, just like Kirk!

Hmm, the "real" Enterprise never shows up. This double-episode is set entirely in the mirror universe (except for the one ship that leaks through). I guess they decided to do a small retro-episode for the mirror universe, just like the whole series is for TOS.

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