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Mar 01 2007 20:47 Pardus chat

So, pardus chat... has next to the input box, before the submit button, a dropdown: "normal" and "emote". People often accidentally do one when they mean the other.

Satyap: This is Normal
Satyap demonstrates an emote, or action

It's just "/me"! I can do "/me" in Pardus chat! I can, literally, type "/me emotes" and it works like it does on Jabber and IRC. And people don't get it! I bet they type a line, mouse over (argh!) to the dropdown, select what they need, and click send! Then they make a mistake, then they go, oops, meant to emote. And some people plain don't get it at all. You get this:

Satyap: does something

Instead of:

Satyap does something

Tag: game idjits