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Sep 03 2007 21:20 Why I don't watch TV series

Why I don't watch (some) TV series: Because they drag on and on, never reaching a resolution. At least Quantum Leap told us that Sam never got home. At least TNG didn't *have* an ultimate goal. At least Ross and Rachel-- no, that doesn't count, it's a sitcom. I'm talking about shows like Heroes (they trying to save the planet or something? they're never going to do it), Lost (do they ever get off the island?), the X-Files (do we ever resolve the conspiracies, or is it just layers and layers of fluff?), etc. I saw some of these, others I avoid because I've been bitten before (season 7, now come on, resolve *something* as a non-specific example). I'm afraid they will jump the shark.

Almost forgot: Battlestar Galactica! (Must be read in a Shirish Kanekar style, the same way he says "Shakti Kapoor! To tar akhil bharatiya balatkar sanghatnecha adhyaksha ahey!" -- He's referring to the old Shakti Kapoor, the one that was. The one that came before the sane police officer of 'Khiladi' and before the complete idiot of 'Coolie No. 1'). I do watch it because it's a great show, great story, but are they ever going to find Earth? Or get destroyed? See, there's no closure there.

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