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Oct 29 2007 13:09 Thoughts on not being allowed on the computer

This could be a long-ish rant. Some of it is ROT13-encrypted and by the power of DMCA you are forbidden to decode it.

When I was a kid, in school and stuff, I was always chastised for spending so much time on the computer. But now I work with computers and I'm good at it (modesty? screw you. only a few thousand people can do what I do). I wouldn't be as proficient as I am now without having spent so much time with computers. Sure, it's important to learn the other things too, but if I hadn't stuck with it then, I wouldn't be here now. Even the games are an important par of it -- consider the saved game files, and backing up of those files. Taught me about the importance of backups. Then in the mdoern day I still get the whole spending too much time on the computer crap. You know what, you can edit your own damn videos and host them on your own damn web server and put up your own pictures and don't come crying to me when Yahoo or whoeevr eats them. And no, I qba'g xabj ubj gb znxr onpxhc be rnfl-cynl pbcvrf bs gubfr zhfvp PQf, orpnhfr you won't give me time to figrue it out. And no, I can't do it because I don't have your fancy Windows tools, I only have Linux, which obviously can't do that fancy multi-media shit. (Not true, it can, but that's *your* stance, so screw you guys, I'm going home.) Oh, you don't have the tools? Sucks to be you. Yeah, go ahead and download that free shareware, it's not going to screw up your computer. Oh, it installed spyware? Well, if you hadn't dismissed my warnings the last 1024 times I told you about spyware, maybe that wouldn't have happened.

Tnu, crbcyr cvff zr bss. Qba'g yvxr pbzchgref? QBa'g hfr gurz. Pnyy zr trrx naq areq va n qrebtngbel jnl? Jryy, jba'g uryc lbh erfgber lbhe cbea sebz gur yngrfg fcljner shpxhc. Ungr grpuabybtl? Lbh pna'g unir nal, gura. Ab, abg rira pnef, yvtugvat, gryrcubarf, sbbq.... Jnyx nebhaq arxxvq. Onfvpnyyl, shpx bss.

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