Satya's blog - Fingerprints

Nov 21 2007 10:50 Fingerprints

Well, I got fingerprinted yesterday. No, aside from the "we track y0u" aspect, this is a good thing. I'm not in trouble (in this context, anyway). The rest of this post is cobbled together from chat. It was fast. My appointment time: 12. My actual departure time: ~11:40. Yes, it took less than an hour, and they were flexible enough to accept me as soon as I arrived rather than "sheet says 12, you wait outside the building till 12".

It took some effort as my fingers are crooked. It was quick -- there was no one there. Well, one family but they were doing something else. And holy cow the guard was friendly and polite, and so was the lady doing the fingerprinting. I didn't get tasered at all. And they did not want ridiculous information like "all the addresses you've ever stayed at, ever, including one-night hotel rooms". Just the basic name address dob ssn hipaa-bait, plus ht, wt, inseam, shoe size. Well not even the last two.