Satya's blog - Visa site broken, says Bluesmoon

Dec 02 2007 10:11 Visa site broken, says Bluesmoon
Bluesmoon says the vfs-visa web site, which is a thing in India for applying for visas at the consulate, is broken. He lists the reasons why, and he tells us that they refuse to fix it or even understand the problem. Go read his blog post to see why they're living 9 years in the past and how they're screwing over innocent people. Unfortunately they're not the only ones, there are plenty of other web sites that require some ridiculous old malware to run, including lowering your shields (i.e. turn on javascript, flash, activex), and a ridiculous resolution (who tf runs at 800x600 this century?). Hello? 1992 called, it wants its web design back. And Jacob Nielsen called, he wants to boot you off the web.

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