Satya's blog - Power consumption of various components

Dec 13 2008 10:52 Power consumption of various components

I bought the parts for a new computer during the Black Friday sales (mostly from Newegg). That gave me the chance to take several readings:

  • Old deepthot (big black and silver Dell)
    • boot: 100W
    • running: 90-120W
  • LCD monitor:
    • standby: 2W
    • operating: 20W
  • Old deepthot without keyboard: 69W 0.58A, with keyboard 69W 0.59A (IBM Model M keyboard)
  • New computer with motherboard, DVD, RAM, and CPU installed:
    • PSU turned on: 1W 60mA
    • startup: 30W 0.25A
    • memory test: 60-65W 0.5A
    • installing stuff: 55W 0.5A

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