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Dec 04 2008 13:36 RPG: Septerra Core
I was saying something about Avatar: The Last Airbender on a chat channel recently (I forget why; it's not like I watch the show or anything), when I brought up Septerra Core. I don't know why the two are associated in my head, but there you go. I said (paraphrased):

It's the usual target-bait: minimal RPG, huge in-game movies for "better atmosphere" i.e. longer load times, interminable waits, etc. Well, actually, it's quite good about that; very few quicktime movies.

Target-bait: games that are only sold in Target in the $9.99 or less aisle, and have the afore-mentioned quicktime movies in lieu of real graphics. I'm looking at you, Dark Side of the Moon.

(David K said:) And those QT movies are the only screenshots shown on the box. (I said:) The qt movies have worse graphics than the actual game [Septerra Core] because they compress the frag out of them

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