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Jan 05 2009 00:03 Kino downgrade
I use kino for video editing. The newest version which comes with Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex (8.10), version 1.3.1, has some bugs related to scene splitting. After trying (not very hard) and failing to get the kino devs to acknowledge the bug, I tried to compile kino on my box. Mistake. First I had to apt-get install about 100 packages (really, I counted and there were definitely over 100). Then it complained that frame.h was including libavcodec/avcodec.h and a couple of others, which couldn't be found. Some googling turned up a laugh at Redhat
"Why is it that every decent multimedia production tool always requires stuff to build its tarball that is not part of the fedora repositories?"
and then this, which said to reference avcodec.h and so on, i.e. remove the libavcodec/ directory qualifier from the #include lines in frame.h However, the compiled kino segfaulted when I tried to run it. Then it occurred to me to go grab an *older* debian package, one which I know works -- the one from Ubuntu Hardy (8.04)! See, so far I'd been trying to find *newer* packages. I added Hardy main to the apt sources.list file, and got synaptic to "Force version" for kino to Hardy, then locked kino's version. Too bad it still screws up the scene splits, though. After pinning ("force version" is also known as "pinning") various packages, I could not fix the problem. Eventually I tried editing a recently-captured video file. It kept the scene splits. So, apparently, my old files have some issue that makes them lose the scene split data after a kino FX operation. Weird. This confusion arose because I've only edited old files since the Ubuntu upgrade. Sigh. What a waste of time.

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